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    Janah Technical

    Your perfect choice
    To turn your software ideas into
    Tangible reality

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    All licenses and operating systems
    and anti-virus Systems
    for famous World brands

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    Professional in the design
    Networks and local Domains
    And management of privacy

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    Customers Service

    Professional team
    Service after sales and communicate directly or remotely
    Quick and fixed solutions

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    Our Customers

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About Us

Janah technical institution leading institution in the field of computers and information technology, networks and information security systems, security surveillance cameras monitoring equipment attendance and supply of all automation components and the design of computers and the development of programs and government agencies and the private sites, portals and industry systems


Contribute to the application of the concept of e-government and localization of information technology in all projects of government agencies By providing information technology in a new dress to accommodate everyone through products This concept endure until we achieve the greatest benefit from the various communities


Best condition leadership in the field of Information Technology in Saudi Arabia by providing the best integrated solutions to our customers in government or private sector entities Through the realization of their needs and their service beyond their expectations and the development of the society in which we operate


Access of Information Technology services in the region, Saudi Arabia to broader horizons and achieve the greatest benefit for the client Entering this world of unlimited for those fluent in the use of its potentials like us so we do not start from scratch but starts from where the others ended

Our Services

Hosting and Domains

We offer our customers a distinct hosting service according to the highest quality standards in terms of ensuring the continuity of service and speed And stability and protection due to our dealings with global servers advantage of this, as we provide daily technical support continuous service around the clock


Mobile Applications

We have a professional team of programmers mobile applications for the iPhone and Android phones and Windows iPhone It ensures that you get enough application needs and takes into account the ease of navigation and use so as not to be complicated on your customers With the possibility to link with your social accounts


Design & Development

The issue is not a professional-looking design, there are other factors to professional Ksholh browsing the site And the flexibility to use interface for interactive elements and more interactive way too Janah guarantee you the flexibility of your site on different browsers and suitability for mass media


Technical Support

Enjoy comprehensive technical support 24 hours a day by the most qualified specialists Janah technical support teams Do not worry solution to every problem and every solution alternative solutions we communicate with you to resolve the problem up close or at a distance at the moment are in communion with us we are always here for you


Maximum protection of data and information against all dangers

Private Sector Systems

Central Water Laboratory

Hospital Management - Medical Records

Rent Car System

Marzoky and Grwany Lawer

Hardware and sales

Janah Technical is a Saudi organization leader in the sale of all brands of computers and communication devices and accessories from printers and inks and scanners and networking devices and accessories, PABX and office equipment was founded Janah since Aktar than 7 years and has implemented a number of projects and contracts with many n government agencies and the private sector supply and securing computers and accessories


Securing and supplying all kinds of original printers for major global brands with product warranty and also securing and supplying all types of original inks for printers and imaging machines for all government agencies and the private sector very special prices


We have all kinds of fingerprint devices to come and leave well-known brands operating footprint finger to all or fingerprint hand or footprint hand and devices on the doors needed by customers, whether government or private sector Also included are attending the program and leave the institution of technical Janah, which was designed and developed by a team Developers Foundation, which works with characteristically attendance devices


Became the surveillance cameras of the most important safety devices of public and private facilities to secure the facilities and reduce the level of crime is characterized by discouraging technical team with experience in the installation of surveillance cameras also have all kinds of surveillance cameras for major brands at premium prices


Janah .. servers space not limited .. strong performance and consistent ongoing technical support ..

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